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Suitable for both pre & post construction installations

  • 50 year Warranty
  • Codemark Accreditation
  • Targets termites at direct source of entry
  • Replenishable System
  • No construction work required to retreat areas
  • Eradicates concerns of potential spray drift during termiticide application
  • CSIRO Appraised
  • Meets Termiticide Manufacturer’s Labels
  • Suitable for both pre & post construction installations
  • No exposure or disruption for household members
  • Eliminates exposure of termiticides
  • Repels or kills termites*
  • Environmentally Friendly

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HomeGuard is the first chemical barrier in a non-soil matrix product ever registered by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) as well as having CSIRO

Building approval after extensive Field Trials by CSIRO – temperate Australia & NT.

HomeGuard encompasses the combined strengths of the Physical and Chemical barriers to deliver a triple action Termite Management process:

  • Repels termites away from the barrier
  • Kills termites upon contact
  • Acts as a vapour barrier and damp proofing course membrane
  • 25 Year $1 Million Warranty starting 1st September 2010.

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Your most successful defence against subterranean termite infestation.

The Camilleri Underslab Injection System offers what no other system can; long term proven performance. Constructed of strong flexible polyethylene, the Camilleri System is manufactured to withstand the test of time.

This is the only Termite Control System on the market today that can boast over a quarter of a century of successful Termite Free Installations.

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It is a patented Reticulation System designed to effectively treat the area under concrete slabs, for protection against infestation by subterranean termites and around the external perimeter of structures to prevent termites entering from the outside of a building.

Altis is installed prior to laying of the concrete slab for the internal system and externally after external work has been completed but prior to any concretig, paving etc. Chemicals are added after the concrete slab has dried and so does not expose occupants to chemicals

50 Year Protection and Replenishable

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