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Visual Termite Inspection

Termites pose a greater threat than fires, floods and storms and can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. A Termite Inspection is a complete visual inspection of all accessible areas of your home or building to detect any signs of active termites and previous termite workings. 

We Inspect interior and exterior of the building, roof void, accessible sub floor areas, fences yard and garage and outbuildings.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Buying a new home is a major investment so it is essential you know what you are buying. Having a Pre Purchase Inspection can save you running the risk that your new home may have major damage and faults. Full Pest Management’s Pre Purchase Inspection meets the requirements and is carried out by our fully accredited and experienced technician Geoff.

A termite inspection is recommended at least annually by the Australian Standard AS3660 even if you have a termite protection system in place. In most cases, these termite protection systems make termites easier to detect but won’t stop them from attacking your building. Your existing termite protection system may also be compromised which you need to be aware of.

Our comprehensive report gives you essential information on:

  • Current Termite Activity
  • Evidence of Previous Termite Damage
  • Evidence of a Current Termite Protection System
  • The Conditions around your Property that are Conducive to Termite Attack
  • Advice on how to minimise the Likelihood of Termite Attack
  • How often You should have a Termite Inspection
  • Various options for a termite Protection Program
  • And much more

The Inspector will report on defects such as:

  • Termite activity past or present
  • Past termite treatments where evidence or paperwork is provided
  • Borer damage to dry seasoned timbers
  • Significant decay
  • Poor sub-floor ventilation
  • Recommendations to help prevent future termite attack

We recommend a pest inspection be carried out in conjunction with a building inspection so any termite damage that is detected by the pest inspector can be checked by the builder to determine if repairs are required.

A combined Building and Pest Inspection is carried out by two individual inspectors attending the property where possible at the same time.

All pest inspectors are licenced inspectors and have professional indemnity insurance. Copies of the inspectors insurance policy and licence can be provided upon request.

our pest reports are of superior quality to our competitors for a number of reasons:

Many inspection companies use the standard report format offered by their insurer. We have developed our own report format that is easier to read.

In most cases our inspectors will be qualified in one area only i.e. pest inspections and not building and pest inspections. This results in the inspector conducting a more thorough report and has the added advantage of two inspectors going over the same areas lowering the chance of a defect being missed

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